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A new way
to chat with multiple pdfs

Let Pizi AI summarize long documents, translate and solve math problems.

Why Pizi?

Field Tested

Pizi AI is working on almost every file format & any language ensuring seamless AI experience


Your files are always encrypted. You have the ability to delete them at any time. 


Pizi is lightning-fast, from training the model on your data to final answers in just 3 simple steps

Pizi AI Features

document-layout-pizi ai

Pizi goes beyond simple text comprehension, processing intricate structures with ease.

With advanced algorithms, Pizi minimizes AI "hallucinations," ensuring coherent and factual information.

mathematics-pizi ai

Pizi's formula recognition feature revolutionizes the way mathematical equations are handled. With this capability, Pizi swiftly identifies and interprets mathematical formulas, simplifying the process of mathematical analysis.

Access Pizi on the go! Enhance your productivity with Pizi's mobile app. Instantly extract, summarize, and translate documents right from your iPhone
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We believe that Large language models should first be great at LANGUAGES!
Pizi offers unparalleled language support, covering over 100 languages for both file uploads and chat interactions.

pizi ai-optical-character-recognition-pizi ai

Pizi's advanced OCR technology unlocks text from scanned PDFs and images with the same unparalleled multilingual power. Effortlessly extract crucial information from diverse sources, enhancing document analysis.

Pizi AI for multiple pdfs start Free today !

Empower your legal practice with Pizi! Lawyers trust Pizi for efficient document review, case analysis, and legal research. Stay ahead in the legal field with Pizi.

Kelly, Lawyer

Pizi has changed the way I read long legal documents. With its seamless integration of PDFs, particularly scanned pdfs, I can upload an entire case. Pizi has significantly boosted my productivity and effectiveness as a lawyer, simplifying the process of handling complex legal documents.

Empower your teaching with Pizi. See how teachers streamline class prep effortlessly.

Nadia, Teacher

Thanks to Pizi, I've revolutionized my teaching approach. With its advanced summarization feature, I can easily distill complex topics into simplified explanations for my students. Pizi streamlines the process of making lesson planning more efficient. It's enabling me to deliver engaging classes effortlessly.

Unlock learning potential with Pizi! Students thrive using Pizi for research, homework, and more. Dive into smarter studying today!

Tom , Student

Since discovering Pizi, my study routine has completely changed. With its powerful AI, tackling math problems has become effortless. I can quickly get explanations in PDFs, saving me hours of digging through textbooks. Pizi's makes studying much more efficient, making it an essential tool for any student aiming to excel.

Pizi Documents Translation

Supported Files 
Revamp your file handling with Pizi's chat PDF. Enhance organization and streamline your workflow effortlessly. Upgrade your experience now!
Streamline your file handling with Pizi's dynamic Word support. Simplify organization and maximize efficiency
 Boost your file management with Pizi's sleek Excel support. Organize effortlessly and effectively
Upgrade your file organization with Pizi's smart PowerPoint support. Get organized seamlessly and efficiently
Boost file management with Pizi's AI-driven TIFF support. Elevate your digital experience effortlessly.
Enhance your digital journey with Pizi's AI-powered PNG support! Elevate file search effortlessly
Discover seamless document handling with Pizi's BMP support! Simplify your digital tasks with smooth navigation and enhanced accessibility.
Enhance your digital journey with Pizi's JPEG support! Experience streamlined efficiency and optimized workflows. Elevate your document management effortlessly!
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